" Changing for good is not a sin. Though it will cost you blood and tears for a start." - Sun , Versus ; Hlovate

Siapa gemok?

The only panda that damn talkative, eats sushi -- cotton candies, and blogging.

I don't always have time to update my blog. But when I do, I don't.

Why it has to be cikpanda? 
Because I haven't got married.

Why do you really love panda? 
They only eat bamboo but they are still fat.

You call yourself cikpanda? The Panda's don't even know you.
So neither you.

My hobby is collecting books, and keep them rest peacefully in my 
book-rack muahahaha. The grown-up me rarely got time to read'em.

I used to love reciting, writing and enjoying poems. Just before 2009 ends.

I am just a random panda that you perhaps coincidentally bumped into, and you thank god I don't bite.

I wish I have the accent just like Natalie Tran's.

My motto is already stated in Du'a Iftitah.